Project Scope Management Quiz

Project Scope Management Quiz


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1. Progressive elaboration of product characteristics on your project must be coordinated carefully with the …..

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2. You are examining multiple scope change requests on a project you were asked to take over because the previous project manager decided to resign. To assess the degree to which the project scope will change, you need to compare the requests to which project document?

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3. You and your project team recognize the importance of project scope management to a project’s overall success; therefore, you include only the work required for successful completion of the project. The first step in the Project Scope Management process is to …..

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4. An example of an organizational process asset that could affect how project scope is to be managed is …..

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5. You are managing a complex project for a new method of heating and air conditioning in vehicles. You will use both solar and wind technologies in this project to reduce energy costs. Therefore, you must ensure that the work of your project will result in delivering the project’s specified scope, which means that you should measure completion of the product scope against the …..

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6. A key tool and technique used in Define Scope is .....

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7. Each organization is unique and has different ways to define its products, services, and results. You are working on your project to develop a new product using disruptive technologies to reduce traffic in your city. You are working to define your project’s scope, and you have a large team plus interested stakeholders. A tool and technique that may be helpful is …..

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8. Assume you and your team prepared your project’s scope statement, and it was approved by your sponsor and your governance committee. However, you also need to update some project documents as an output of the Define Scope process. One example is …..

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9. The document to evaluate whether requests for changes or additional work are contained within or outside the project’s exclusion is provided by the …..

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10. Rather than use a WBS, your team developed a bill of materials to define the project’s work components. A customer review of this document uncovered that a scope change was needed, because a deliverable had not been defined, and it led to the need to write a change request. This is an example of a change request that is required because it is the result of .....

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11. Collecting requirements is critical in project scope management, but all the requirements may not be used as the project scope is defined. Assume once you defined your project’s scope, you then began to develop your work breakdown structure. As you worked on it, you found it useful to review the .....

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12. Assume you are preparing the scope statement for your project. In it, you are describing the project’s deliverables, assumptions, and constraints. You also want to include .....

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13. Assume you are working to collect the requirements for your project. As you do so, you realize your project’s success is due to .....

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14. You want to structure your project so that each project team member has a discrete work package to perform. The work package is a .....

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15. Quality function deployment is one approach for collecting requirements. Assume that you have studied the work of numerous quality experts, such as Deming, Juran, and Crosby, and your organization has a policy that states the importance of quality as the key constraint of all project constraints. You and your team have decided to use quality function deployment on your new project to manufacture turbines that use alternative fuels. The first step you should use is to …..

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16. On the WBS, you have decided to structure it by phases of your project. In this approach …..

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17. Change is inevitable on projects. The number of interested stakeholders, technology, the difficulty in obtaining resources, and the difficulty in motivating people to be on the team are just a few changes that may occur on projects. Projects also cause changes in the development of a new product, service, or result. The project manager wants to minimize changes on the project. Uncontrolled changes are often referred to as …..

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18. You are going to be using a number of contractors on your project to produce a car that uses natural gas as its fuel supply since your country has an abundance of it available. You are working on preparing your WBS for this project as you have completed the scope statement. In your WBS, the most effective approach to use is to …..

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19. In Control Scope it is important to determine the cause of any unacceptable variance relative to the scope baseline. This can be done through …..

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20. To assist your software development team in collecting requirements from potential users and to ensure that agreement about the stakeholders’ needs exists early in the project, you decide to use an interpersonal and team skill. Numerous techniques are available, but you and your team choose a voting process to rank the most useful ideas for further prioritization. This approach is known as …..

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21. You have been appointed project manager for a new project in your organization and must prepare a project management plan. You decide to prepare a WBS to show the magnitude and complexity of the work involved. No WBS templates are available to help you. To prepare the WBS, your first step should be to …..

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22. You want to avoid scope creep on your project and are working hard to do so. Your sponsor has asked for regular reports as to how the project is performing according to the scope baseline. You decide to use …..

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23. You are leading a project team to identify potential new products for your organization. One idea was rejected by management because it would not fit with the organization’s core competencies. You now have a project to make your organization one that is comfortable with using disruptive technologies, which was approved. Now you are working on your scope statement and as you do so, it is helpful to consider …..

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24. Validate scope …..

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25. Although you and your team are actively working to control the scope of your project, change is inevitable on projects. You have had some change requests from your sponsor, team members, and other stakeholders. You have processed these change requests. This means you also need to update which of the following documents?

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26. One approach that can be used to detect the impact of any change from the scope baseline on the project objectives is .....

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27. Throughout the project, you are focusing on the Monitoring and Controlling process, which include Control Scope. You have processed some change requests and now also need to update some parts of the project management plan, one of which is the …..

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28. Validate Scope is performed throughout the project. However, there are several outputs from the Validate Scope process, one of which is …..

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29. Your project is now under way, and you are working with your team to prepare your requirements management plan. One component of this plan you want to include is …..

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30. You are the project manager on a systems engineering project designed to last six years and to develop the next-generation corvette for use in military operations. You and your team recognize that requirements may change as new technologies, especially in sonar systems, are developed. You are concerned that these new technologies may lead to changes in the scope of your product, which then will affect the scope of your project. Therefore to help you, you should prepare a …..

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31. Your customer signed off on the requirements document and scope statement of your video game project last month. Today she stated she would like to make it an interactive game that can be played on a television, smart phone. and on a computer. This represents a requested scope change that at a minimum …..

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32. While the Validate Scope process has some similarities with the Control Quality process, a key benefit of Validate Scope is …..

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33. Modifications may be needed to the WBS and WBS dictionary because of approved change requests, which shows that …..

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34. You and your team are documenting requirements on your project to control fatigue as people need to work more hours to keep up with the competition. You decided to set up categories for the requirements on your project. Temporary capabilities are an example of …..

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35. You are working to collect the requirements for your project to eliminate the possibility of later scope creep. You have a variety of tools and techniques you can use. Assume you want to obtain early feedback on the requirements, and you have decided the most appropriate tool and technique is …..

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36. You have prepared the WBS for your project. However, for your project, your company decided to try an agile approach. Many feel you will not need to develop a WBS and a lot of other documents in your project management methodology. However, with agile the difference is …..

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37. The project scope statement is important in scope control because it …..

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38. The product scope description is documented as part of the project’s scope statement. It is important to include it because it …..

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39. How is a context diagram used?

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40. You are establishing a PMO that will have a project management information system that will be an online repository of all program data. You will collect descriptions of all work components for each project under the PMO’s jurisdiction. This information will form an integral part of the .....