Project Schedule Management Quiz

Project Schedule Management Quiz

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1. Your company, which operates one of the region’s largest chemical processing plants, has been convicted of illegally dumping toxic substances into the local river. The court has mandated that the required cleanup activities be completed by February 15. This date is an example of—

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2. You are managing a construction project for a new city water system. The contract requires you to use special titanium piping equipment that is guaranteed not to corrode. The titanium pipe must be resting in the ground a total of 10 days before connectors can be installed. In this example, the 10-day period is defined as—

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3. You are working to control your schedule. You have a number of tools and techniques you can use and may need to use several of them for effectiveness. You decide you want to track work remaining to be done so you will use—

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4. You are planning to conduct the team-building portion of your new project management training curriculum out-of-doors in the local park. You are limited to scheduling the course at certain times of the year, and the best time for the course to begin is mid-July. You are using the precedence diagramming method for your schedule. In it, you can show relationships between tasks in four ways, and the most common is—

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5. Project schedule development is an iterative process. If the start and finish dates are not realistic, the project probably will not finish as planned. You are working with your team to define how to monitor any schedule changes. You documented your decisions in which of the following?

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6. If, when developing your project schedule, you want to define a distribution of probable results for each schedule activity and use that distribution to calculate another distribution of probable results for the total project, the most common technique to use is—

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7. Your lead engineer estimates that a work package will most likely require 50 weeks to complete. It could be completed in 40 weeks if all goes well, but it could take 180 weeks in the worst case. What is the expected duration of the work package?

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8. Your customer wants the project to be completed six months earlier than planned. You believe you can meet this target by overlapping project activities. The approach you plan to use is known as—

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9. Activity A has a duration of three days and begins on the morning of Monday the 4th. The successor activity, B, has a finish-to-start relationship with A. The finish-to-start relationship has three days of lag, and activity B has a duration of four days. Sunday is a non-workday. Such data can help to determine—

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10. You can use various estimating approaches to determine activity durations. When you have a limited amount of information available about your project, especially when in the early phases, the best approach to use is—

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11. “I cannot test the software until I code the software.” This expression describes which of the following dependencies?

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12. Working with your team to provide the basis for measuring and reporting schedule progress, you agree to consider the—

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13. Your project schedule was approved. Management has now mandated that the project be completed as soon as possible. However, you do not think it is possible given resource constraints. In order to convince your management of your need for additional resources, you decide to use—

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14. You are working on a project to remodel a home, and you and your team decided you should first finish the plumbing work and then do the electrical work. In this example, this is an example of a—

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15. Decomposition is a technique used for both WBS development and activity definition. However, in Define Activities, decomposition—

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16. When sequencing project activities in the schedule, you should ensure—

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17. A schedule performance index of less than 1.0 indicates that the—

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18. Assume you are working to sequence the activities in your schedule. You have focused on the need for predecessors and successors for your tasks. Now, you have finished, and you realize—

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19. To meet regulatory requirements, you need to crash your project schedule. Your first step is to compute—

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20. A key input to the Define Activities process is the—

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21. Unlike bar charts, milestone charts show—

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22. Project managers should pay attention to critical and subcritical activities when evaluating project time performance. One way to do this is to analyze 10 subcritical paths in order of ascending float. This approach is part of—

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23. An activity has an early start date of the 10th and a late start date of the 19th. The activity has a duration of four days. There are no non-workdays. From the information given, what can be concluded about the activity?

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24. In project development, schedule information, such as who will perform the work, where the work will be performed, activity type, and WBS classification, are examples of—

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25. There are purposes and benefits in the Control Schedule process. Its benefit is—

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26. It is important to use the critical path method in Control Schedule because—

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27. Several types of float are found in project networks. Float that is used by a particular activity and does NOT affect the float in later activities is called—

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28. Assume your organization has decided to use agile for most of it projects. You are managing a project using agile and are working to develop your schedule. In doing so, you are using agile release planning. Your schedule is based on the—

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29. You are managing a new technology project designed to improve the removal of hazardous waste from your city. You are in the planning phase of this project and have prepared your network diagram. Your next step is to—

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30. Assume you are working to Estimate Activity Durations. You need to determine the amount of work to complete each activity and the resources required. As you work to do so, you should consider—

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31. You are managing a project that will use a virtual team with team members on three different continents. Your company is looking to use the virtual team to provide a lower cost product by using resources in countries that have a favorable exchange rate to that of your country. To assist in this process as you estimate resource requirements, it is helpful to consider—

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32. Activity A has a pessimistic (P) estimate of 36 days, a most likely (ML) estimate of 21 days, and an optimistic (O) estimate of 6 days. What is the probability that activity A will be completed in 16 to 26 days?

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33. You are managing a project to redesign a retail store layout to improve customer throughput and efficiency. Much project work must be done on site and will require the active participation of store employees who are life-long members of a powerful union with a reputation for labor unrest. One important component of your schedule must be—

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34. Assume you are working on a on a project using lean manufacturing. Now you are preparing your schedule. You feel your tasks may be relatively similar in size and scope. You should consider—

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35. The reason that the schedule performance index (SPI) is shown as a ratio is to—